May 22, 2022

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List of Richest Kenyan Musicians (2022 Update)

Today I am going to list the richest musicians in Kenya. Many Kenyans would like to know if their favorite musician celebrities are on this list.

Well, few musicians have enough money to make it to our list. Please note, this list might be purely speculative, although I used several parameters when creating this list.

1. Akothee

Number 1 in our list of richest musicians in Kenya is non-other than “Madam Boss” mwenyewe, Akothee. She is included in the country’s list of wealthiest musicians, with an estimated net worth of Ksh600 million.


The singer has several assets under her name, including a beach resort in Diani, a real estate company, an Sh80 million house in Rongo, several top-of-the-range cars, and a tour company.

Akothee has amassed much wealth over the past ten years after divorcing her poor Kisii husband. She has remarried more than twice, but all the drama outside her career has not slowed her appetite for wealth. She is also the wealthiest Luo musician in Kenya.

2. Jaguar

Currently the Starehe Constituency Member of Parliament, Jaguar has one of Kenya’s most inspiring success stories. From rags to riches, the singer is now ranked among the richest musicians in Kenya.

The Kigeugeu singer is also an entrepreneur with a portfolio of a taxi firm, a security company, an auto garage, and real estate. He also owns a Ksh20 million house in his backyard.

During popular events, especially political rallies, the singer makes Ksh 1 million per single performance.

Jaguar also owns a Range Rover Sport, Bentley, Mercedes Benz E240, and Lexus GL 450.

His accounts and assets sum up to Ksh 350 million, which describes Jaguar’s wealth.

3. Nameless

David Mathenge, aka Nameless, is also a man of means. His musical journey started in 1999 when Capital FM searched for talent; Nameless emerged the best. The deep-voiced singer was released hit after hit, collaborating with the late E-Sir and other top artists. In 10 years, the singer managed to accumulate quite a substantial amount.

Nameless is the pioneer of local urban music, which has, over the years, gained popularity in the country.

The architect also owns several businesses in Nairobi, alongside his wife, Wahu. The two have joint assets amounting to over Ksh100 million.

4. Size 8

Size 8 is a gospel musician. Not many Kenyans know that this artist, married to DJ MO, is wealthy.

DJ Mo and his Wife Gospel Singer Size 8

The singer has appeared in many commercials and promotions, which earns her excellent money.

Her husband, DJ MO, makes at least Ksh600,000 per month, but she can manage up to Ksh 500,000.

5. Wyre

Wyre, the Love Child, is the only Kenyan who can sing reggae and R&B music. She has featured famous artists like Alaine and several Jamaican artists.

During his journey as a musician, a father, and a husband, he has made a name and wealth making it to this list.

6. Habida

One of the wealthiest artists in Kenya is Habida. She is a talented musician and also a model. Habida has worked with Kiko Romeo. She majored in drama at Lewisham College, London, and later at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta.

At 35 she's looking hotter than ever before.

On her return home, she worked with Robert Kimanzi, aka RKay, a renowned producer, and succeeded in flooding radio and television stations with the single Sunshine alongside Nameless. She has won awards like the Best Video Award at the East African CHAT Awards, 2010.

7. Nonini

Nonini is a co-pioneer of Africanised Hip Hop, Genge. He works for One FM as a Breakfast presenter.

Famously referred to as The Godfather of Genge, he runs three studios that enjoy massive airplay locally, making him the highest-paid artist in 2012 by MCSK. Nonini launched a foundation, the Colour Kwa Face Foundation, to fight for the rights of people living with albinism.